the wooly witch at the Knitting and Stitching show with her spinning wheel


I’m Di the Wooly Witch – a self-confessed yarn-a-holic! I knit, crochet, spin and weave (not all at the same time!) I’m an addict – so much so I have a yarn shop and this wonderful website so I can spend even more time sharing my passion.

I create with yarn because I’m good at it; it is something I am proud of. Perhaps this is the biggest reason for me. We all search for that thing were good at, the thing we love, be it drawing, writing, paper crafting, gardening, whatever. Something that makes us feel great when we do it. It gives back as much as we put into it, it doesn’t feel like work.

For me creating with yarn is like putting the world on pause, I’m doing something just for me (the creating that is, the project may be for someone else of course!).

I imagine something, I set to work on it, and suddenly the thing I imagined is in my hands. That is amazing. Knitting, crochet or spinning is creating something deeply personal and unique. It’s never likely you will have the exact same item as anyone else.

The Wooly Witch online yarn store is very much a work in progress so please check for updates and new lines to be added throughout the year.

Keep creating


The Wooly Witch