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Drops Knitting Yarns – Blown Yarn

Drops Knitting Yarns are produced by Garnstudio in Norway using new yarn spinning techniques that make the wool very economical.

One technique produces “ blown yarn”.

drops air mix alpaca merino knitting yarn

DROPS Air Mix - Blown Yarn

The “ blown yarn” technique is a spinning method where the wool and yarn fibres are blown into a fine mesh tube made of man-made acrylic or nylon. Traditional spinning twists the yarn threads to increase strength and durability.

So the strength of blown yarn comes from its man-made outer casing.

Benefits of Blown Yarn

Knitting or crocheting with blown yarn avoids the splitting often experienced with traditionally twisted yarns.

The acrylic or nylon casing also makes the yarn less prone to pilling as it has a smoother surface and fewer small fibres on the surface to react to rubbing during wear. The anti-pilling properties mean garments have a longer life and keep their appearance better.

Warmth and Lightness
More air trapped between the fibres means more softness and insulating properties so there is more warmth.

Blown yarns also tend to feel softer than plied yarns because they are less dense. There is more air in the construction and this translates to a soft airy feel against the skin.

One feature of blown yarns is they have great yardage. They are much longer in length for their weight, compared to traditional yarns, so garments are more economical to knit or crochet.

As well as being economical due to their extra length, the Drops yarn modern technology is more cost effective, so blown yarns and other DROPS knitting wools tend to be cheaper than similar quality yarns.

 drops air mix yarn pearl grey

A Few Cons of Blown Yarn.

Does not drape or flow well, due to its lightness, so best used for patterns for accessories, close-fitting garments ike sweaters and tops, and knitting for babies.

Does not stretch, as, due to the nylon casing, there is little elasticity.

DROPS Air Mix knits at Aran Weight 

Drops Air Mix is a sumptuous mix of super-soft baby alpaca and merino wool which is non-itchy and ideal for babies and those with sensitive skins.

If you haven’t tried knitting or crocheting with a blown yarn yet, give it a try and let us know on Facebook how you liked knitting or crocheting with it. 

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