Posted by Diana Herriot

We love it when customers share photos of the items they've knitted from their knitting kits. 

Two customers who bought kits at the Knitting and Stitching Show sent us their pics on Facebook.   The first is a beautiful baby blanket knitted in King Cole Cherish double knitting in Rhubarb colourway, knitted by Jean Mckerracher. You can see the lovely "Faux Fair Isle" effect that the Cherish Wool gives.

baby blanket knitting kit

And next is an incredible rainbow stripe pair of socks in King Cole ZIg Zag knitting yarn knitted by Taylor Gorman - her first sock-knitting project.  Although it was a hot day, she put them on to show us how they look. I think they look stunning and will be a real cheer-up on gloomy winter days.

knitting project sock knitting kit  

Thanks to Jean and Taylor.  We'd love more photos of customer projects, so as soon as you finish yours, snap them with your mobile and  send them in!