Posted by Diana Herriot

You have to unravel the stitches to see the mistakes." I said this today. It was a good one. Maybe I can use my knitting to see my way. Maybe my knitting can help me unravel my life, see my mistakes and make it better.

Since I make a lot of mistakes in my knitting, maybe I make a lot of mistakes in my life. 

It's ok to make mistakes in knitting, I don't mind, I always fix them, I would never leave them. I never mind tearing apart my projects, it's what you do, my Nana taught me that ... about knitting.

unravelling knittingWhen you're knitting you usually see your mistakes, but sometimes you don't, until it's too late.

Sometimes you've finished the whole project before you see the mistake. It's never too late to go back to fix your mistakes. If you don't go back to re-knit your mistake, you miss the beauty of a project with no mistakes.

I couldn't live without fixing my mistakes. If you really pay attention you usually don't make mistakes, but sometimes you do, even if you're paying attention. I think it's normal to make mistakes. Everyone that knits makes mistakes. I don't know anyone that knits that doesn't make mistakes ... do you?